IntelliNord Signs

1% of non-functioning devices cause 95% of the costs!

IntelliNord Signs™ tells you what is missing and what is wrong.

What is IntelliNord Signs?

  • Finds problem areas in your reading system and devices.

  • Excellent view to the system through over 50 reports.

  • Shows you the information you cannot find from your system.

  • In each report you will find instructions for corrective actions.

  • Maintenance tool helps in daily tasks.

  • Several formats available (web, csv, excel, json).

  • Map view to several reports including Power Grid Management (PGM) and Voltage Quality.

  • Server monitoring to identify server problems and performance.

  • Support for mobile devices.

  • Integration interfaces for exporting data to other systems.

  • Support for multi-customer environments.

  • Standard security features.

  • Ask for help via the chat – you can even send a picture from the installation site!

The situational picture provided by more than 50 reports
guides the management and optimization of the Aidon Gateware reading system.

Map view

Map view to several reports including PGM.

Designed to integrate

IntelliNord Signs offers integration interfaces.

Highly optimized

IntelliNord Signs SQL queries are highly optimized. Queries do not interfere with the reading system.

Through the installation, you will get all the functionality for the same price - you decide what is needed.

Deploy the system in one day!

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