IntelliNord Festival

AI driven time series validation and estimation.

What is IntelliNord Festival?

Data validation and estimation

  • IntelliNord Festival validates and estimates faulty and missing data for you.

  • Festival operates between the reading system and the measurement database.

  • It finds errors in the series and corrects them using AI.

  • It improves the quality of the data.

Saves time, money and cleaning mess.

  • IntelliNord Festivalreads a cumulative series exported from a reading system.

  • It validates readings.

  • It estimates missing and faulty readings utilizing artificial intelligence.

  • Marks statuses and makes format changes.

  • Reports fixes.

  • Statistics errors.

Smart Energiapalvelut Oy introduced the AI-based IntelliNord Festival, which reduces the need for manual readings' corrections. Now we are able to focus on other things and serve our customers even more effectively.”

Eliminates all the need for manual repair of data!

Improves data quality

Recognizes anomalies in time series.

AXML, AIM, Generis, Saf etc.

Datahub compatible

The data is directly compatible with other systems.

Azure environment support

The service can be installed to customer's own local server or Azure serverless function. Data is not transferred out of your environment.

Meter manufacturer independent.

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