Services for Energy Sector

AI & Machine Learning

IntelliNord brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to the energy sector. IntelliNord helps Customers of  the energy sector from SmartGrid towards IntelligentGrid. IntelliNord crushes numbers by combining artificial intelligence, machine learning with traditional methods and strong energy domain understanding. 


IntelliNord products are tools targeted for Utilities, Service Providers and Product Manufacturers. 

IntelliNord Energy Suite

IntelliNord Signs™ is used by 15 utilities and covers 600 000 meters!

IntelliNord Signs 

IntelliNord Signs™  finds problem areas in the reading system and devices. It serves an excellent view to the system via over 50 reports and maintenance tool.

1% of non-functioning devices cause 95% of the costs! 

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IntelliNord Mind™ 

IntelliNord Mind offers machine learning driven fault diagnostics.IntelliNord Mind™ covers life cycle cost analytics and device maintenance.

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IntelliNord Festival 

AI driven time series validation and estimation.

Eliminates all the need for manual repair of data!  

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First prize in the AlvaHackathon competition  

AI enables the use of water and energy consumption data  to help management leading with knowledge.

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IntelliNord Festivalreleased

No more hassle with incorrect timeseries! IntelliNord Festival solves the problem.
Smart Energiapalvelut Oy introduced the AI-based IntelliNord Festival, which reduces the need for manual readings' corrections. Now we are able to focus on other things and serve our customers even more effectively.”

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Responsibility in practice

IntelliNord's products help to do concrete things for the environment - reducing electronic waste, saving energy and natural resources, and reducing food waste.